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I do not want to say it, but I have to, in order to make sense to anyone:

Celebrity Life Coaching

So yeah, I offer specialized life coaching services for the rich and the famous, which makes me a celebrity life coach. That doesn’t mean I am a celebrity myself, nor does it mean that I have ever been one, any more than it states that everyone who is everyone already knows who I am. No, it simply states I offer specialized services for that segment of people, and I have another interesting area of speciality; soulmates, which puts me right in the path of people who have a celebrity twin flame (another good term to use for the sake of clarity rather than comfortable relationship to that word).

My name(s)

There are many words that I keep avoiding in this life, and one of them is my name. The first time someone important asked me for my name to evaluate whether or not I had reached the normal level of intelligence for my age, I refused to answer, but simply looked at my evaluator funny, sifting my weight from heels to toes and back again. My aunt, who was accompanying me to this evaluation, got nervous and blurted out my name reminding me that I did, in fact, know my name. I looked at my evaluator, and said: “Stupid name, isn’t it?”

Riina Jenni Annukka Rinkineva. That is my stupid name in all of its glory. I hated it then and I hate it to this day. I’ve used so many variations of it over the years, and one completely different online nickname, Sebastyne for so long that I don’t think I have two friends who know me by the same name. However. Sebastyne, Sebby, Fieldi, Tiuti, Riina, Jenni, and Jen have all been used at one time or another by one person or another. The worst part is, I’ve given most of those names to myself, trying to avoid that god-awful first name. So I have issues. What to call me, then? I don’t know. Sebby and Jenni will work for me, or, do me a favor and choose a name. Any name. If Love was my name, I’d use it, Steven.

Highly evolved profiling

I am the developer of the Personality Mirror Soulmate Typology, the Solid/Fluid Thinker Typology, both of which are subsections to the overall Free Spirit Theory, and I have also defined and identified non-sexual gender preferences that all of us have, in addition to markers that point toward a natural leaning towards either monogamy, polygamy, polyandry, or polygyny. All of this information makes managing relationships easier, even though it will take a moment two wrap one’s mind around all of it.

This website is for the KEENLY INTERESTED

The topics that I discuss on this blog are a result of a highly complex and highly evolved relationship theory, and they are not intended for people who simply want to know what is the right answer with no gray areas or exceptions. I may, at some stage, simplify and minimize the theories, but for the time being, it is vital that the theory is available in its entirety, with all the shades and nuances that make it so unique.

This website offers “self-service life coaching” in the sense that people who sign up need to be able to study these concepts on their own without a lot of guidance. My primary role, at this stage, is to keep producing content and points to consider, as the area to which my theories are applicable are so diverse and so incredible, that what I most want to do is to share this with those who are already VERY SKILLED in relationships, but who simply cannot get enough about human beings.

That is why my theories are SO GOOD for the celebrities and creative professionals, because if your job is to study humanity in any form of art, I bring out aspects of humans that VERY FEW PEOPLE ever consider in such diverse mindset.

I’m not a Quick Fix Life Coach

Although some things that I put out there may permanently click something in place in you – and I hope it does – there is no real quick fix solution here. Quick fixes tend to be a bit vaporous anyway, but my goal is to truly get your thinking patterns onto the right path FOR YOU. My job is to describe, point out, and illuminate, your job is to figure out what it all means in your life – who fits into what category and where it is that you want to be if you are not there yet.

I am also not your “think positive” life coach

I have opinions. I have STRONG opinions. I get irritated by people, and I have suffocated a lot of emotions for a long time, and a part of my own healing process was to stop trying to control my feelings and the related thoughts. I believe people are animals, and as such, we do have the right to express ourselves in an honest, open manner, and we have no obligation of being loved or liked by everybody, nor do we have the obligation to love or like everybody else, as long as we have some kind of an understanding… For instance, the understanding of keeping our distance from people we don’t like, so that they can live in peace, and we can live in peace. There is no need or reason to try and “all get along” in a close contact. Therefore, a lot of what I teach has to do with cleaning out your social circles from people you barely tolerate; whether they are simple acquaintances, friends, or family. This leads me to the dilemma of having had to decide how to handle my emotions regarding some famous people who I do not want to wind up coaching, however remote the chances of that happening were.

My job is to explain to you why all emotions ARE OK, and “the right kind” and to trust that there is no such instance where you “feel wrong” or “shouldn’t feel that way”. Trying to feel something different than what you are feeling is as smart as holding your hand on a hot plate trying to convince yourself that “the stove is turned off”.