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2015-09-01-BI probably should avoid a too official sounding approach to what I am doing here. I am an obsessive student of life, and this blog is the direct result of my obsession. Yesterday, I crashed the blog counting the total word count I have on this blog, unpublished and draft posts included; 1,292,700, which makes for about 21 average length self-help books, 17 books worth is currently published on this blog. I love studying people, the depths of their minds and the qualms of their relationships, and I love writing about every nuance I can find Рsomething that would never make into a print book, as the level of detail would have to be cut out to keep the word count reasonable.

Some years back, wondering what it was that I was supposed to do with my life, I experienced a brief moment of absolute clarity as I was wondering what was the purpose of my immortal soul; in the context of several incarnations, rather than just this one… Before I even worded it to myself, I felt depressed at the sheer size of my purpose as I answered myself: “I want to understand everything.” I thought about it for a while wondering how weird it was because it was absolutely true, that is what I wanted, and at the same time, it was impossible. “I will never be happy,” I thought and left the thought alone.

About a year later, as the Law of Attraction dictates, I noticed being pulled towards topics that seemed to deal with my questions. I didn’t really TRY and follow my revelation as much as my revelation followed me. “Are you sure? Are you serious? I mean… There are ways to figure things out…”

Turns out I was, truly, very serious.


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