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2015-09-01-BI probably should avoid a too official sounding approach to what I am doing here. I am an obsessive student of life, and this blog is the direct result of my obsession. Yesterday, I crashed the blog counting the total word count I have on this blog; 1,292,700. By now, the count higher. I love studying people, the depths of their minds and the qualms of their relationships.

Some years back, wondering what it was that I was supposed to do with my life, I experienced a brief moment of absolute clarity as I was wondering what was the purpose of my immortal soul; in the context of several incarnations, rather than just this one… Before I even worded it to myself, I felt depressed at the sheer size of my purpose as I answered myself: “I want to understand everything.” I thought about it for a while wondering how weird it was because it was absolutely true, that is what I wanted, and at the same time, it was impossible. “Might take me a few lifetimes,” I figured and let it go.

About a year later, as the Law of Attraction dictates, I noticed being pulled towards topics that seemed to deal with my questions. I didn’t really TRY and follow my revelation as much as my revelation followed me. “Are you sure? Are you serious? I mean… There are ways to figure things out…”

Turns out I was, truly, very serious.

Celebrity Life Coaching

I offer specialized celebrity life coaching services. My job is to help my celebrity clients to find profound, deep, easily flowing happiness, and to release all of the limitations that my readers feel are there, but what people around them normally wouldn’t even recognize to be a limitation or a problem… I am your guy if you have heard “well isn’t that a nice problem to have!” a few too many times! Trust me, you are not whining over nothing if you feel that there is still so much more that you could feel, if only… if only!

I am not a productivity coach, moral guide (well, sometimes I am), what I am, is the person who will be able to explain to you why things that “should not feel bad” feel bad, and why sometimes the best things in life are things that shouldn’t feel good. I am not here to tell you what to do, but to explain factors and influences that go on between people, so you can form a more complete picture of your own situation and then make smarter choices as a result. People who expect me to give them one answer to suit all situations are not going to be happy with me… At all.

High Genius Life Coaching

My content is not easy to follow for all people. It is most useful for highly intelligent people, who do not struggle to comprehend complex emotions, nuances, complex cause-and-effect relationships in human interaction, and hold several different aspects and influences in mind at the same time while organizing one’s idea of the whole. I am going to be choosing my people carefully, but mainly by my intuition. I know some people will understand what I mean straight away and appreciate the method, while some will find it dubious indeed – and for them, all I can say it that you wouldn’t enjoy the blog anyway as much of it requires high intuition to make the slightest bit of sense, and an understanding of nuances between words. For instance; do you feel a clear difference between the words commitment and devotion? (That’s an easy one.)

Highly evolved profiling

I am the developer of the Personality Mirror Soulmate Typology, the Solid/Fluid Thinker Typology, both of which are subsections to the overall Free Spirit Theory, and I have also defined and identified non-sexual gender preferences that all of us have, in addition to markers that point toward a natural leaning towards either monogamy, polygamy, polyandry, or polygyny. All of this information makes managing relationships easier, even though it will take a moment or two to wrap one’s mind around all of it.

This website is for the KEENLY INTERESTED

The topics that I discuss on this blog are a result of a highly complex and highly evolved relationship theory, and they are not intended for people who simply want to know what is the right answer with no gray areas or exceptions. (I know I already said that. If you hated that, you’re my kinda person.) I may, at some stage, simplify and minimize the theories, but for the time being, it is vital that the theory is available in its entirety, with all the shades and nuances that make it so unique.

This website offers “self-service life coaching” in the sense that people who sign up need to be able to study these concepts on their own without a lot of guidance. My primary role, at this stage, is to keep producing content and points to consider, as the area to which my theories are applicable is so diverse and so incredible, that what I most want to do is to share this with those who are already VERY SKILLED in relationships, but who simply cannot get enough about human beings.

That is why my theories are SO GOOD for the celebrities and creative professionals, because if your job is to study humanity in any form of art, I bring out aspects of humans that VERY FEW PEOPLE ever consider in such diverse mindset, and can spur up things that you have buried deep into your mind so long ago you were known by a different name then and your parents hadn’t met you yet…

The content requires a truly open mind

My theories have been constructed from the ground up using existing theories merely as a point of reference, rather than “facts”. I have taken the attitude that whatever makes logical sense, fits the natural world without shoddy and hasty explanations such as “God works in mysterious ways” I will entertain it as a possibility until something I can logically prove will debunk it as a possibility. In my view, I cannot form a coherent and complete world view from the perspective where I will have to discount natural abilities, sensing, or instinct based on “cannot be” or “cannot be measured”. The way I see it, despite all the knowledge that we now have, we don’t know enough as a scientific fact to truly form a complete worldview, and the intuition is the tool for the impatient and hungry.

The main purpose of all of this is to fix life for you

Although the content on this site is very evolved and involved, it is intended to help you to drop all the excess weight that you are carrying with you – guilt, fear, responsibility to people you really shouldn’t feel responsible for or to, and, above all, to liberate your sexuality from limiting ideas of what a perfect sex and love life should or could be or aim to. Many of the beliefs that we still take for granted are very outdated and contrived to begin with, such as the unquestionability of heterosexual monogamy being the ONLY way to truly live and love.

And while we are at it, we will be lining you up for the perfect running start for you next life, too, so if you’re pushing 70… You’re not too old, but in the perfect place to think about your future! You have your whole life ahead of you old man!

Before joining, please read this page, too.