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Is theXblog right for you?

TheXblog is a life coaching blog for celebrities and the high genius who love a philosophical challenge to the point of considering a challenge a form of entertainment, lots of information, delicate nuances, complicated theories that thrive towards high personal standards. It is a relationship blog, success blog, and a community of people who have an inborn need to improve and excel in all areas of their lives. They thrive for passion, devotion to their craft or cause, and would rather starve than give up on their dreams (or renew that devotion if it was once lost).

It is based on new (largely untested) theories that are best for people who trust their own abilities to assess information and accept the challenge of trying it out for themselves. Nothing about this blog is clear or simple, and that is the beauty of it – it gives you a lot to think about rather than answers all of  your questions. Everyone is different, and this blog helps it’s users understand the logic of another person’s mind – sometimes to swing the scales permanently on one end or another when trying to decide on a relationship or a social obligation.

In short:

Do I NEED this information? No. Most likely not. This is not information that most people will NEED, but this is material that some people who wish to understand people and complicated relationships better would kill for because they want it. If you don’t feel the hunger, this is not for you, and you can safely move on.

What is theXblog? It is a written resource for carefully hand-picked clients from very different backgrounds.

Who is it by? It is created by Alpha (Riina Jenni Annukka) Rinkineva, also known as Sebastyne or Sebby. Originally a life coach, Rinkineva spent the years 2011-2016 working on her own psycho-spiritual theories.

What is theXblog focussed on? TheXblog largely focusses on highly intense sexual love relationships and rediscovering one’s authentic, true personality, and cutting unwanted and limiting soulmate bonds.

What is the coaching based on? Rinkineva uses her own, highly evolved psycho-spiritual (combination of psychology and spirituality) theories to coach her clients. The entire theory set is called The Free Spirit Theory, with subcategories of the Personality Mirror Soulmate Typology, the Solid/Fluid Thinker Typology, Meta-blueprinting a part of an advanced form of the Law of Attraction, and other sub-theories.

The coaching style is very self-oriented, perfect for independent learners, who are more irritated by “support” than helped by it. The clients must love doing research and thinking for themselves.

Uses for the theories: Character development for fiction, writing fiction, learning to understand human beings in one’s own life, personal development, business and marketing applications, clearing unwanted soulmate connections, discovering one’s authentic personal, professional, and sexual personality and aligning them to support each other than to fight each other.

There is an initial interview to join the site, and after a brief orientation it will be up to the client to pace themselves and to ask questions.

What you need to know about me before you contact me, if you wish to.

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