My Name Issues

I know this has been utterly ridiculous.

When I was a kid, my mother told me that I had been given 3 first names, Riina, Jenni, and Annukka, rather than one so I could choose which one I wanted to use when I’d grow up. What was also curious was that my parents seemed insulted when I suggested I wanted to be called Jenni rather than Riina, so the name never really stuck. Therefore, I don’t think I ever developed a real bond with my name, as I didn’t quite like any of them to be honest. They were always temporary, and not really a part of who I was. I kept looking for a new name, as changing your name completely became legal around when I was 16, just at the perfect time, so I begun contemplating for a new name, but… I couldn’t think of a name I would be perfectly OK with, even if I hated the one I got as if was the worst one in the world. This was, until I thought of the name Alpha. I simply like it. I like it even though I know it’s a bit… Sci-fi!

So, I will be changing my name officially into Alpha Rinkineva as soon as I can, (there’s a few complications as I am a Finnish citizen and an Australian resident, so some extra paperwork is required, which will be interesting because I’ve never even seen my birth certificate if there is one – Finns are not trusted with that kind of information, your birth records are kept by the government, not by your mother). Online, I think I’ll still use Sebastyne as my primary nickname as I’ve always done, and I suspect a lot of my friends will still call me Sebby or Seb.

Riina Jenni Annukka Rinkineva(-Young) – my official maiden (and married) name for the time being.

Ring-Key-Nevah – the phonetic spelling of my last name and also the name of my company.


Sebastyne (General online nickname from 2001 onwards.)

Sebastyne Young (Published a couple of books under the pen name.)

Spirit Skye (A name I used when I published the first version of my blog TwinSoulRevelations.org, which was the name I figured my friends and family would NEVER associate with me – so out of character! Obviously made me a lot of friends for that very reason.)