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For the Celebrities

Due to my spirit connection with some of the biggest names in entertainment, it has become a habit to address many of the issues that are typical to and limited to a life as a celebrity. Although the basic theories apply to everyone, I have taken a special interest in the celebrity life as a natural consequence to my soul connections, and that is reflected in my writing.

For the High Genius

My content is not easy to follow for all people. It is most useful for highly intelligent people, who do not struggle to comprehend complex emotions, nuances, complex cause-and-effect relationships in human interaction, and hold several different aspects and influences in mind at the same time while organizing one’s idea of the whole. I am going to be choosing my people carefully, but mainly by my intuition for this one, because the required intelligence is not measured well by traditional intelligence tests. It’s mainly a gut feeling that most high genius can relate to, I am certain. It is also true that people who are at this level of intelligence in their social awareness, may find themselves surprisingly marginalized by the society, making them hermits and quite often unemployed and frustrated.

For the polycurious

I do consider natural monogamy to be rare in our species – and as such, I blog a lot about the alternatives to the monogamous lifestyle that has a strong hold in our minds and culture as the only “real” relationship type. The polycuriosity is present in all of my content, as the denial of natural polytendencies is at the very heart of many of our relationship issues and easily solvable by simply understanding the dynamics between people in polyrelationships, and the romance of them, and I thought it worth a mention that the polycurious would find my content very interesting and uplifting – I hope anyway. It is also important for the monogamous to start accepting the poly-people as romantically and spiritually equivalent to the monogamous even if they weren’t into it themselves.

For people coming from the Twin Flame background

I begun writing about spirituality after meeting what is generally known as “a Twin Flame”. This resulted into a huge load of posts on the topic, and it’s all here, albeit I am going through them editing them to fully join them with my own, much more evolved soulmate typology and the rest of my theories. The Twin Flame aspect integrated into a lot of the posts, although I am replacing it with my own, a much more specific theory that leaves less for interpretation between soulmates and Twin Flames based on how badly someone wants to believe a soulmate is a Twin Flame. ;) I also separate two Twin Flame types into their separate categories, due to two very opposing types of Twin Flames, where one set of advice goes directly against a reunion of the other type and vice versa. I recommend you get familiar with my way of thinking by first reading my Twin Flame category posts, and gradually move to the Personality Mirror Soulmate Typology if you are still into it.

The Rest of You

For those of you who do not fit into the above categories, there’s no need to worry. There’s plenty of nuance in here, and I have got where you fit. Everything I need to know to give you a head start is included in the join form questions.

Other Specialty groups

I thrive to label all my content to the groups the content is addressed to, with the “Written For” tag.


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