.Public Arguing and debating Idea of Self (Ego)

Are you frustrated at your friends or family members not taking your advice?

Does that make you feel unappreciated and unloved?

There are several reasons why people ask others for advice. The obvious reason is that they have a problem that they want a solution for, but even more commonly, people poll others for the most popular “would do” answer. Some people ask advice from as many people as they need in order to hear someone tell them exactly what they wanted to hear. One is to have a conversation with someone in a purely social sense, and that is where we get into trouble when people think differently about the purpose of this conversation.

If you want people to happily take your advice, you have to make sure you’re actually giving worthwhile advice, and even then you can expect resistance. I personally often give advice to people who are not ready to take it straight away, but I’m sort of planting seeds in there… To give them time to consider it and to see if it would actually work. I never expect people to take my advice blindly, that would be stupid, because, after all, I do not see everything that is going on in people’s lives, and they will have to take the final responsibility of following that advice. People are not willing to go backward from their own level of evolution; they are not going to take advice that they know was suitable 200 years ago, nor will they take advice that will be suitable for them sometime in the future but not right now. If you want people to take your advice straight away, you have to scale it to their need, their situation, their goal, and their personality, and not just spew out stuff that you give for the purpose of seeing if they jump at your command┬ábecause they fucking love you. And let me tell you, if you keep giving them advice that will make them unhappy if they take it, they are not going to love you for it, that’s for sure.

Trust has to be earned. It’s another thing that isn’t just given as a sign of love. If you DO give your trust to someone as a sign of love for them, it means you’ll be ready to die for this person – and I know I love my True Spirit Mirrors to the extent that I would walk off Empire State Building should they ask me to – just to tell them I’d do anything they ask of me. Why…? Because what follows in the next life will be worth dying in this one, and I trust that connection completely. BUT… I wouldn’t do that for just anyone, obviously. The love you have to feel for someone to DO ANYTHING for them, must be so huge… That you know you will let them destroy you, treat you any way they want to, and you still think they’re worth it all. Now, I know I’m again crossing over to the Fluid Thinker love, when they mistake a Solid Thinker for their lover because he/she treats them bad, but that’s the risk we all take; how well do you know that person, do you actually know they love you or do you simply have an egotistical idea that if someone treats you horribly, it MUST BE because they love you, right, because the other option doesn’t even enter your mind!

But, I am derailing, again. The point being, if you want people to trust your advice, make sure your advice is worth taking. After all, how would you feel if they blindly followed your advice, only to later discover it wasn’t even thought out properly, and you simply wanted to see if they would do as you ask them to as a favor to them? How do you think they would feel? How would you feel if you had blindly followed someone’s advice, only to discover they gave it to you just to see if YOU loved them enough to take it, not even considering the consequences to you? How would they feel if you abused your position of power to them by ignoring your responsibility to give true, thought out advice, simply out of your selfish need to feel trusted and loved, no matter what happens to that person who is supposed to trust your advice?

If you want to fool yourself into thinking people follow your advice a lot, tell them exactly what they want to hear. (This is a popular tactic, too;) They tell you: “Oh I don’t want to talk to So-and-So, because they’re being stupid!” Even if this relationship was more than salveageble, you can now ignore the fact they are going to lose an important person in their lives by simple small frustration, but you see an opportunity to feel appreciated, so you say: “Oh you’re so right, if I was you, I would completely destroy all contact details I’ve got for them, to ensure I will never speak to them again!” You get what you want, they lose a loved one, but the main things is that they listened to you, right? Job well done.



Modified on February 6, 2017

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