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Beliefs that men hold about women that are not true

And a few pointers about rising your standard for who you agree to take for the second date

  1. All women want children more than anything. (Thankfully, no, not all of us!)
  2. That all women have an experience of a bad relationship with a guy. (Nope. Men are really nice to girls, and it’s really hard to find one that treats you nasty without women treating them badly first.)
  3. All women are a united front. (Not all.)
  4. Women who do not approach you are not interested. (They may be, but simply too shy to approach, too much of traditionalists, or have a past life conditioning preventing them from making the first move. If she’s looking at you, she’s interested.)
  5. All women like cooking and it’s important to have a kitchen to suit that need. (Yeah, well, no. It seems men are a lot handier in the kitchen than women are these days, because, well… Doesn’t it seem that men have to know everything these days?)
  6. Men think men need to learn to see her perspective in everything, because hers is better. (LOL)
  7. If he doesn’t understand what she’s saying, she’s probably being smarter than him. (Or she genuinely makes no sense at all.)
  8. That women are supposed to be emotional (as in hysteric) and that if they are not that, they are emotionally cold. (Luckily, not true.)
  9. That all women want to get married before they turn 30. (TOO true, but you could get away with just buying her a wedding dress for a dinner. :D)
  10. The biological clock is a true problem for women. (It is not a REAL thing, it’s just that when the 30 or 40 approaches, she fears she cannot have any more children. A woman who doesn’t want to have children, won’t suddenly panic at 30 and want to get to it, she can’t wait for that bullet to pass… But even the most strong-minded childfree woman can “turn broody” when she falls TRULY in love. Should happen very soon into the relationship. And, she might still be able to silence the biology if she actually doesn’t want a child, just wants to feel YOU inside herself.)
  11. Women are afraid of men when they are not approaching. (More likely she’s not so afraid she’d have to test her courage by approaching, and she’s more to the point concerned about appearing desperate or like a silly teen girl should she be too eager.)
  12. All women really want is a safe, loving, and caring environment with someone who will *finally* treat her nice. (Well… Some do. The women who are perpetually afraid of everything, or the women who somehow are magnets for losers – we all know some of them girls… Then there are the women who would really, really, really want a guy who’d fuck her brains out for the rest of her life…)
  13. That women love children more than they love men. (Again, sometimes true, but thankfully not always. Look for polyandrous or androphile women, and the chances are that in her books, men being eternal boys is all the kids she needs or wants!)
  14. You have to be rich/well off to win the heart of a woman. (Not true. It suffices if she doesn’t have to pay your dinner because you can’t afford it, other than that, it’s a good way to ensure you won’t wind up with a woman who simply wants you to pay for everything to not be that wealthy…)
  15. All women will stay married to you until death do you part, and that women rarely divorce men… (Women are much more likely to file for a divorce than men are. This is due to the enormous stigma that men get for leaving a wife, while women suffer no stigma at all, and are even admired for filing a divorce, in addition, they may profit from filing a divorce while making the man suffer the consequences of it. Also, women will leave men for an unsatisfactory sex life FAR MORE OFTEN than men would do the same. This is due expectations; she goes into a relationship expecting the man to be willing to explore if she is, while he goes into a marriage expecting to not get laid after the first two years – he’s prepared, she isn’t.)
  16. Women are always looking for a richer husband if they can find one. (No. They’re not. If they love you they love you.)
  17. If you lose your job, you lose your value in a woman’s eyes. (Not a woman whose respect is worth having.)
  18. Women like to have their “girl time”. (LOL. Yeah I suppose some do, but the androphiles for one do not have such a mode to have. Don’t leave your girl chivalrously thinking she wants time away from you, she might like you more than anything else and prefer your company to all other people… If she wants girl time, she’ll ask for it, otherwise, assume she likes you more.)
  19. All women love to spend time with other women. (Again… Eww. Only true for gynephile women, as in women who are just a slightly lesbian.)
  20. Girls are better at school. (Actually, sort of true. The requirements at school have been brought down decade after decade, which makes intelligent people bored and less intelligent more prepared to learn. This means that boys do worse and worse as girls do better and better. It is not true that women and men are equally intelligent. Can you, for instance, imagine saying that, then trying to prove it with this graph… Can you already hear the argument the women are making how this graph clearly shows them being more intelligent than men, lol. I am just quite sure, that the actual numbers are missing on the Y axis to hide the vastness of the difference here, to avoid backlash from women. Also, it says “abstract” which would probably translate to: “We don’t want to be too blatant about demonstrating how vast the difference between men and women actually is.”)
  21. Women are spiritually more gifted than men. (Again, untrue. A lot of men have psychic ability women only dream about, but don’t know it themselves. I am not talking about seeing ghosts, but being able to sense things about other people that women are generally speaking unaware of, therefore treat others as if they couldn’t sense the energy emanating from them; aka their mood or other ‘vibes’. The reason being, that without this ability, men would have been in mortal danger in history; not knowing who to trust was dangerous for men, much more so than for women who found this ability essentially useless after civilization was born.)
  22. All women are alike. (Gladly, we are not. We are certainly not all alike!!)
  23. Women don’t like men. (Not true.)
  24. Women find bisexual men a turn-off. (Not true. There are girls who find two guys just as hot as men who are into lesbians do…)
  25. Women don’t find the male body as erotic as men find the female body erotic. (Not true. Again, not true. So not true!)
  26. Women who don’t tell their boyfriend that they love him while dragging him to meet her mom all the while balancing a pile of wedding magazines on the way to the car to meet the mom are not seriously interested in him. (No, this is a question of maturity, not femininity. She’s waiting for a cue from you when it would be the right time to say certain things out loud.)
  27. Women don’t really like sex with men. (DUUUUUDES. Fuck. Duuudes! *head desk* Please please please if you’re reading this… One thing. Just this one thing. There are girls who are starving to get their brains fucked out. Too much intelligence, take care of it! :D)
  28. Women want men to pleasure her, and if he thinks of his own pleasure, she’ll think he’s selfish. (Now, let me speak on behalf of all women out there, even those who will scream at me for saying such a thing, this is for their benefit as well: She will love you for showing her that you enjoy her. If she lets you go there, she wants you to enjoy her. If she doesn’t feel like you’re on the verge of coming the whole time, she will feel a little disappointed, and perhaps insulted, therefore she might try and insult you about “not lasting long enough.” The reason why she can’t come is not because you come too soon, but because you’re afraid of showing her that you fucking love fucking her! If she feels your energy getting hotter and hotter, SHE WILL WORSHIP THE GROUND YOU WALK ON just to have you make her feel that way again. And I know it will take time to reverse the habit of trying to hide how much you like this and the habit of thinking about your grandmother when you’re about to come.)
  29. Women who are patient with you (waiting for your call, you to talk to them, for you to make a move) are not interested in you. No, they’re just waiting. Also, if they are looking at you a lot, that is not to say they want to know what the hell you think you’ll get from them but they’re trying to tell you they like you too. They are also hot enough to be approached a lot so they expect you to come over because they are not used to having to approach guys… Hot girls rarely need to. (Hot girls, you might want to make the first move sometimes.)
  30. Hmm. The cock size. To some women, it is a relief you are not too big, because they are slightly afraid of men, but to some… Yeah, some love men sizable. I think it’s got something to do with the idea that the bigger you are, the more you actually want them, so it feels like a bigger compliment to see a big cock, you know? In practicality, it doesn’t have a huge difference, especially if there’s that… Oh My God He Thinks I’m Hot factor in play otherwise!
  31. Women talk about you behind your back – particularly how big your cock is. (Sadly, this is true, particularly among younger women who are still rather excited about even having been with a guy, but they’ll stop as they get older.)
  32. Men also believe that they shouldn’t ask for too much for themselves in a relationship – that they’re there for her, not the other way around. (You could, though. I think men should start thinking about what THEY want from women a bit more than what they have done, gender equality and all, isn’t it time MEN had an honest say about what they want out of women and all that… Please will you PLEASE start writing personal sex/relationship blogs already, anonymously, even?!)


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