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Beliefs women hold about what relationships are about but are dead wrong about

"Isn't this like pairing up for an assignment at school?"

Here are some things a lot of women think about men that simply AREN’T TRUE

Luckily this is not all women, but too many, regardless:

  1. Men don’t want children and must be forced/tricked to have them, (and will be relieved if you abort without a fuss). (Men are individuals, just like women are, surprise surprise.)
  2. Men want women to show off to other guys, just like women like to show off men to their friends.
  3. Men are cold towards women because they are insecure and emotionally reserved. In truth, being standoffish towards a woman may well mean he doesn’t like you.
  4. Men want to be tamed by a woman. (No they don’t.)
  5. Men think masculinity is much better than femininity, therefore they need to be challenged for leadership.
  6. Men like giggling girls, and the louder they talk the more men want them… And being cute and confusing is like the best foreplay! (Yeah no. The best foreplay is to have an intelligent conversation with a guy… About anything.)
  7. You know the sifty eye thing that men give to each other when a bunch of girls are being all cute and confusing near them? You know when the blokes look at each other, and the girls giggle at each other and how cute and sexy the guys think they are being..? Yeah, that one. Now… Do you remember the look you give each other when a completely clueless guy tries to hit on you? Yeah, the sifty eye thing. Can you draw a conclusion from this or do I have to spell it out?
  8. Women think men are stupid, as in simple, intellectually challenged and all that… That is why women feel they have to dumb things down for men, and over-simplify things, like… Present him with a pair of breasts or a nice pair of buttocks and thinks that’s about as much his pittiful brain can comprehend. Now… Think the fuck again.
  9. Women also have a tendency of believing that men’s self-esteem is fragile and their hearts are impenetratable. Sadly, the opposite is true.
  10. At the same time, women congratulate themselves by thinking that leaving a guy they’ve been fighting with for months now will teach him a lesson and make him crawl back to her (after all, where else could he POSSIBLY find breasts and buttocks from than from his ex?) but more often than not, he’s relieved as hell it’s over and he’s back with a shread of hope to find someone with a half a brain.
  11. Women also  like to think men leave them because “they can’t handle the intensity” which, in male language means: he could not stand her arguing and insensitivity one more day.
  12. Women think men need time to fall in love with them, and they think keeping him busy with sex will give him that time. Unfortunately, men actually need love, attention, care, understanding, tenderness, and all those things that normal people want out of relationships, and if sex is the only thing on offer, do you think he’s going to decline a free sex toy? (Don’t be surprised if the engagement ring is making you wait.)
  13. Women also think men lose their respect for women who put out on the first date. No. Not directly for that reason. They lose respect for women who sleep with them in order to make him fall in love with them. The reason why they lose respect for the woman, is because she showed no respect for him.
  14. Women believe that men don’t really want to get married, and that they are partly ameba-like creatures that have to be told what to do and how to do it, and, particularly WHEN to do it, tend to nag at the guy about marriage. They nag nag nag because they think he didn’t realize they were “at that age” or “at the stage of the relationship” when marriage needs to take place (before her friends realize she can’t land herself a bloke) so she needs him to marry her. He, on the other hand, thinks this nervous behavior is about her being uncertain about his feelings, and eventually agrees to marry her to calm her down in his hopes that she would start acting normally after the wedding, and make him a good, grown up partner afterwards… (Yeah  no.)
  15. Women, again, after marrying him think that his idea of what the role of a husband is is going to be by the book. He on the other hand, particularly if he was truly in love with his girlfriend, imagines a romantic, cut to size relationship, something that he and his new wife will plan together and make for each other. She might be appeasing him at first, secretly thinking that oh he’s so naive and cute about all of this, but she’ll show him how it’s done… She’ll show what a husband is supposed to be like… After the I do’s he realizes he’s in the same trap so many other men have walked into before him.
  16. He thinks him doing chores for her will show her how much he loves her, she thinks him doing chores for her shows her how well she’s trained him, and how submissive he is to her.
  17. He thinks him buying her gifts is a sign of love, she thinks him buying her gifts is either a sign of remorse or servitude.
  18. She thinks a guy who is still in love with her after years and years is in love with her because of the way she looks… But he is most likely in love with what he imagines is on the inside, or even more heart breakingly – what actually is that she doesn’t think he has the capasity of seeing in her.
  19. Women tend to repeat to each other that “men are not in touch with their emotions” and that “men are not good with relationships” which is such bullocks I can’t even…
  20. Women think men are aggressive and that she needs to show dominance in order to stay safe from him.
  21. Women think that men sitting quietly focussed on their work or TV mean that he’s angry about something. He isn’t. Men don’t often stew on things but talk about stuff in a normal tone. Once he’s truly had it with you, he’ll start raising his voice.
  22. Women think his car, his house, his dog and whatever are status symbols. They’re not. He loves them for what they are. Men love intelligently made items, be it artistic, scientific, or, say philosophical in value.
  23. Women seem to think men work because they are mindless ape-like creatures who don’t know what to do unless they are told to, but in reality… He works because a) he loves his work and/or b) he needs to put food on the table of the people he loves.
  24. When a guy leaves her, she thinks he found a woman who is younger or gives him more sex. In reality, he probably left her because he found a woman who actually understood him and made him feel valuable again…
  25. BONUS: Women have a collective front with the purpose of lowering men’s expectations on women in very much the same way as workers unions; promise less and less and less, and do less and less, so that the men are forced to “pay” higher and higher compensations for less and less. They believe a woman who gives men a lot is a traitor and she needs to be brought back to fold so that men wouldn’t get the idea that men could raise their standards for women. Clearly, I’m breaking the ranks (never was any good with them anyway).

Luckily, as women age and get more experience about men, they start to realize that this is not really true, but particularly when they are younger and inexperienced, and vastly influenced by other women’s idea of what men are like. Sadly, the loud displeased majority of women are really clueless about men and keep still spreading massively sexist ideas about men, like… all men will cheat if given a chance and that all they’re after is sex and what not, but if a woman can’t offer an intelligent company, love, care, and tenderness, and what not, then the only thing LEFT is sex, isn’t it? If a woman brings in nothing but one thing, she shouldn’t be surprised he’s not asking for anything but the one thing.

What is worse, women like this will give us all a bad name – and I just made the stereotype stronger, but let’s just say I bring it up because I want men to realize that we’re not all like that, and women to realize that this is stupid. Guys; keep an eye out, and when you feel like this is happening, don’t tell yourself you’re just imagining it, it’s real. It happens. Find a girl who you can treat like a grown up (man) and you’ll be fine. If she can’t deal with grown up stuff, she’s probably still 17 between the ears.



Modified on January 16, 2017

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