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The posts in the public category function both as a freebie and as a sample of the way I think, and as a way to get to know me a little. They are not necessarily (directly) related to celebrity life, a lot of it is stuff I wish everyone knew or paid attention to.

.Public New Love

“Emotionally unavailable”?

So often we hear women complaining about men who are “emotionally unavailable”. Well, ladies, here’s the thing; They’re in love with someone else, whether they admit it or not. Everyone, women included, turn away from others when they fall in love with someone. The only exception to this rule are polygamous people; polyandrous women and polygynous men, and both types […]

.Basics .Public Break up New Love

The last of the love – finally, letting go

If you'll only ever read one post about letting go, make it this one.

The love you feel for any person always belongs to that specific person. THAT specific person. You cannot take love that was generated in you by observing someone specific and give it to someone else – that love belongs to them. It ALWAYS needs to go where it belongs, no matter what. The same applies to other feelings, whatever emotion […]

.Public Twin Flames Twin Flames FLUID

Should you or should you not move on from a Twin Flame?

And when is "having a Twin Flame" a sign of a problem rather than height of evolution

The most amazing thing happened when I was seeing Tarot to guide me through writing this post. I’ve written tons of posts trying to convince people to let go of their false Twin Flames out of love for that person, to let them go – but since it didn’t work, I thought maybe a more selfish approach would work. I […]

.Public Relationship Soulmate Defining True Spirit Mirrors Twin Flames Twin Flames FLUID

What does the “intensity” mean in a True Spirit Mirror (and Twin Flame) Theory?

The quite natural and authentic intense feelings of love and desire

I have noticed that a lot of non-True Spirit Mirrors who want to attach the label onto their relationship tend to misunderstand this part of the theory. They sometimes feel they have to RAISE the intensity of whatever soulmate relationship type they are involved in, in order to make it into a True Spirit Mirror, or justify hanging onto an […]

.Public Miscommunication Politeness Matrix The Male gender role

Beliefs women hold about what relationships are about but are dead wrong about

"Isn't this like pairing up for an assignment at school?"

Here are some things a lot of women think about men that simply AREN’T TRUE Luckily this is not all women, but too many, regardless: Men don’t want children and must be forced/tricked to have them, (and will be relieved if you abort without a fuss). (Men are individuals, just like women are, surprise surprise.) Men want women to show […]

.Public Arguing and debating Idea of Self (Ego)

Are you frustrated at your friends or family members not taking your advice?

Does that make you feel unappreciated and unloved?

There are several reasons why people ask others for advice. The obvious reason is that they have a problem that they want a solution for, but even more commonly, people poll others for the most popular “would do” answer. Some people ask advice from as many people as they need in order to hear someone tell them exactly what they […]

.Public The Male gender role

Beliefs that men hold about women that are not true

And a few pointers about rising your standard for who you agree to take for the second date

All women want children more than anything. (Thankfully, no, not all of us!) That all women have an experience of a bad relationship with a guy. (Nope. Men are really nice to girls, and it’s really hard to find one that treats you nasty without women treating them badly first.) All women are a united front. (Not all.) Women who […]

.Public Authenticity Fluid Thinker Flux Solid Thinker Flux

30 traits of truly loved people that need no charity love and 30 traits that make you unloved

Charity-love is the kind of love you need to beg for and guilt people to give you

This post is trying to give you (Fluid Thinkers) the idea what kind of traits TRULY make people fall in love with you… Honesty with oneself. A healthy ego. The ability to truly “see” and understand the other person. A person who is able to allow another person to be themselves near them, gets a lot of love in return. […]

.Public About Celebrity

Every time you feel like making fun of someone, the chances are, you don’t understand them

Next time you feel like being "smarter than thau" make sure you know what you're talking about

What prompted this post was not that serious, really. All in good fun, and, I admit, I laughed at the text that was written, but only after I watched the videos posted to “prove the point”, I got a little angry. Don’t you all just LOVE¬†laughing at the rich and famous? “Weird”, by the way, you dear normal people, is […]

.Public Sexual Traumas and Embarrassment

The small-dick jokes should be considered sexual harrasment

Ladies, if you think these are funny, that makes you a fucking twat

Let’s just dig up another issue with the way “gender equality” oppresses men: the right to joke about penis size. It is genuinely NOT FUNNY. So here’s what happened: I spent the New Year’s Eve at an art exhibition of some sort. The most pretentious shit you’ll see, but interestingly enough, the main act was Finnish, as in someone from […]