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“Emotionally unavailable”?

So often we hear women complaining about men who are “emotionally unavailable”. Well, ladies, here’s the thing; They’re in love with someone else, whether they admit it or not. Everyone, women included, turn away from others when they fall in love with someone. The only exception to this rule are polygamous people; polyandrous women and polygynous men, and both types need to be either widowed or consciously aware of this alignment to be emotionally available to someone else after falling in love with one person.

This is not a question of whether they’re single, married (to you, even), or dating someone, if their heart belongs to someone, they will be emotionally unavailable for everyone else, and if you happen to be the ‘someone else’, you’d be delighted to hear this is how it works, but if you are the one feeling the rejection, you’d probably feel a bit peeved and frustrated about it.

Being emotionally unavailable is not a problem. It’s romantic. Let them poor boys be.


Modified on March 18, 2017

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