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Every time you feel like making fun of someone, the chances are, you don’t understand them

Next time you feel like being "smarter than thau" make sure you know what you're talking about

What prompted this post was not that serious, really. All in good fun, and, I admit, I laughed at the text that was written, but only after I watched the videos posted to “prove the point”, I got a little angry. Don’t you all just LOVE laughing at the rich and famous? “Weird”, by the way, you dear normal people, is a sign of something so beautiful, you have no idea how good it is to be in the presence of someone truly weird. They are the salt of the Earth, the truly magnificent, the… ones who make life worth living. You, the normal people, nobody fucking cares, you understand? Why? Because we’ve already heard everything you’ve got to say before you open your mouth. That is the definition of normal.

Apart from when you get a bit bitey. You know, when you become the judge of those who live out of the box constantly. That is when you get interesting… When you talk about SOMEBODY ELSE. How good does it feel to feel better than someone who is actually interesting? What a way to feel superior!

And I understand. I actually do. Being normal is safe. Nobody gets to laugh at you if you excel at being the right way. The best job you can do to fit into that box that will ensure nobody will look at you and wonder what’s wrong with you, right? You have your job, your car, your house, your children, and if not, you are doing a responsible effort to acquire these things, these symbols of your normalcy, the testament of how good you are at being sane, reliable, and normal. Good job. Do you have ANY IDEA how fucked up you are?

Someone whose life’s work is to avoid being seen, to avoid making mistakes, to avoid feeling, falling in love so hard you lose your mind (fuck yeah I’ve been there, my blog is a growing proof of that,) when it is more important to you to keep your posture and your looks than what it is to feel… Fuck you. And you blame those stars out there for the very thing – and granted, some of them are doing the same thing as you are; try to be the right way, try and perform the right way, to not step out of bounds, to avoid being caught of having had a bad moment. Only, their job is to keep their dress right, the hair pinned the right way, the makeup done, the smile on… Yours is to keep just that right amount unkempt, to be just the right amount neurotic and scared, critical of those who don’t do what you do, and to be just always… This goes for all women; captivated by the cuteness of a child and gasp over how much you want one one day! And why not. Why the hell not, that is part of being human, one aspect of it at least, but… You know that is your job. To display love to all and any child, until they reach 17, after which they must curb that cuteness and get on with things. I’m derailing and you hate that because you know how texts are supposed to be written. You are not supposed to derail too far from the original thought, but I’m just making a point here. You know what is expected and you’re scared shitless of breaking that mold, and hanging around or admiring anyone who has broken theirs: “Failures. Couldn’t do the simplest thing; Fit into a perfectly defined mold!”

You think it’s a sign of incompetence if you stumble home drunk one day, or that you slur your speech when you’re giving one… Or that getting a divorce is a sign of you giving up, being weak… But no. You haven’t understood what life is really about: Honesty. BEING REAL. You cannot predefine what “real” is going to be, and that’s scary. You, and I mean you normal people in particular, cannot marry a person and know you’ll always be in love with them let alone that they’ll always love you, such is life. Sometimes the abnormal people marry you normal people thinking they SHOULD FUCKING LOVE you because you are the right way, but realize, a few years in, that you’re boring as shit. Being real means being honest about one’s feelings, and to be honest about them, you’ll have to dare to feel them, experience them, study them, identify them, and then act on them. Or take the logic out of it completely and just live in the flow – but that is scary. That stuff is scary and often winds you up in prison because, hell, we’re still animals.

Making fun of a person who is on display particularly against their own will and laughing at them as a result is about as low as you can go as a human being.

Good job getting paid to do that.

By the way; I’m not making fun of you. I’m correcting your ill behavior and giving you a clue on how to actually love yourself, love the people around you, and give your future child half a chance of being happy… It depends on their parent understanding that NORMAL is the only way of being that you can fucking guarantee people will find nothing but deep unhappiness.




Modified on January 9, 2017

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