Pay as much as you feel is cool

(And don't screw up my karma by paying too much, either. ;) )

I coach under the principle of Pay As Much As You Feel is Right, Sweet, Fun, Cool, Sexy, or Crazy, whatever word makes you feel good, hey? As my clientele is very diverse, spanning from curious, unknown, dirt poor high geniuses to super wealthy multi-millionaire celebrities, there is NO POINT trying to set one price fits all -system. Also, some of you will spend hours gluttonously devouring post after post (my favorite kind of a member!) and some of you will only read one post every once and again when you’ve got time or a specific problem, as some of you are professional coaches, and some of you are individuals, I will expect you all to choose your own price how you feel great about it.

Please note that you may be tempted to over pay or under pay, depending on your personality, financial situation, and the level of financial fear and insecurity – just do your best and pay as you can. I am cool with you waiting for the moment when you feel you can pay me (or if you make it real big as a result of reading this, pay it forward, too), but please do not continue using this site if you feel this information is not worth paying for or that you should be entitled to it just because. Remember that I may discontinue allowing an access to a user group that systematically feels a payment or a token of appreciation in some form is not necessary at all but feels that I owe it to them to give them this access because “I  coach rich folk”. For the record, I have just about had enough of coaching unappreciative people for free (past lives counted), and I need no major prompt to cut the membership type off my site at the slightest of provocation, so please don’t take this for granted. However, I do know what it is like to count every dollar you spend, and therefore I have all the sympathy and appreciation for people who are struggling to get by, but I do need to be appreciated for what I do, and I have HAD IT with people who think they are entitled to my knowledge for one reason or another without even attempting to return the favor.

Also, I cannot make the ends meet by running this blog at this moment, I get a dollar here, a dollar there, and I am on the unemployment payroll that I would REALLY FREAKING love to see gone sooner rather than later, especially as I am constantly distracted by looking for job opportunities that I don’t even want as I do want to do this for a living. I don’t wish to be all woe is me and that you need to help me out of this mess (it’s my mess, I created it and all), but I’m just saying that every 5 dollars is welcome and needed at this stage despite what things might look like.

And for those of you who are on the same page with me, please take your own schedule to it, but here’s the black gold button of coolness when you need it: