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Should you or should you not move on from a Twin Flame?

And when is "having a Twin Flame" a sign of a problem rather than height of evolution

The most amazing thing happened when I was seeing Tarot to guide me through writing this post. I’ve written tons of posts trying to convince people to let go of their false Twin Flames out of love for that person, to let them go – but since it didn’t work, I thought maybe a more selfish approach would work. I looked at Tarot, and the one feeling that came to me past the cards was: “We don’t want you to succeed in talking us into letting go. We prefer to hang on.” At the same time, they KNOW it is wasted love. So why hang on?

It gives you an illusion of balance or normalcy

When other people are moving happily on in relationships, it is difficult to admit to others that you don’t, actually, want a real, grown up relationship, but that the prospect of it scares you thoroughly. In that situation, it is easier to pretend to be so in love with someone, that you couldn’t POSSIBLY consider a normal relationship with someone actually willing, but to paint it all in the veil of a profound, spiritual love, that is beyond the understanding of normal people. (I do not dispute the existence of twin flames, or, rather true spirit mirrors, but I do know that people DO use the idea of them as a shield sometimes, and so does every Twin Flame teacher out there who has done this for longer than 3 months. Are you brave enough to check if you’re one of those people who try to pass a near or false Twin, or even a soulmate for a Twin Flame?)

The Twin Flame community, teachers aside, thoroughly support the dark side of “loyalty” and “spirituality”, further emphasizing the supposed (not true) non-sexuality of this union, so that it strips all elements of an adult relationship out of it, so even in the case the relationship would go on, the Twin Flame label gives it a safe, non-sexual context. However, people who are unwilling to go into sexual relationships should feel reassured to know not all people are sexual, and it is perfectly possible to find a relationship not based on sexual contact, and yes, obviously I am talking about heterosexual unions. You just have to ask, basically, I’d recommend an honest dating profile. What is NOT cool, though, is trying to convince a thoroughly sexual man to give up his sexuality in the name of “twin flame love” and “spiritual evolution”.

It gives you someone to talk about

Love is a great discussion topic, and having an obsession over someone makes you a lot more interesting in your circle of friends than having a normal boyfriend or a girlfriend does. Married people are boring, there is no doubt about it, and the turmoil of a pretend relationship with a false Twin Flame certainly beats all discussions of boring married life. (No arguments here, either.)

Consider these points

Imagine watching a movie about your love story

How do you think the movie will end? What are you screaming at your own character? What will the main character (you) learn during this movie? How will they grow towards the end? What is the moral of the story?

Imagine what would letting go of this person feel like – theoretically

I am not saying you should do it, but just for the sake of an exercise, imagine letting go of this person, and seeing them happy with another person. How does that feel? Liberating? Infuriating? Insulting? Ridiculous? Impossible? Would you feel like a winner or like the biggest loser, or, perhaps a bit of both? What would be the biggest negative in letting go of this person? Your friends ridicule? Would they? How about their pats on your back for finally listening to common sense? A bit… Irksome, right?

Imagine the adrenalin levels go down… The endorphins of being in love…

How would that feel? Like you’re free to fall in love again? Like you could go out and actually meet someone? Like getting drunk and on the dance floor would no longer be “a non-twin flame” thing to do, but actually something really fun?

Imagine how the feeling comes back, that you think that MAYBE this was your Twin Flame after all, and you let go of someone you’re SUPPOSED TO be with…

Does this feel right to you? Like you’re failing your grades or a task given to you? Like you’re letting yourself off a hook? If this is how you are feeling, I guarantee you that you are not letting go of a Twin Flame, but a soulmate (a Partial Spirit Mirror)… A soulmate feels like a burden, a Twin Flame (a True Spirit Mirror) feels like the liberator, the most fantastic thing you’ve ever had the opportunity to behold, a true marvel, an amazement… And the person who lets you breathe easy. If you, instead, feel like you’re getting away with something by dumping this person, you’re truly on the right path!

Imagine how scared you’d be if you decided you’re no longer a Twin Flame and instead, just a normal person with a normal wish for love…

Would it be difficult to move on without the label of a Twin Flame, and also… To explain a future boyfriend or a girlfriend what this madness was all about before… Like how do you recover from that… How do you attach another superlative to another person after giving that label to someone else for so long…  Would they dare to love you after you named someone else as your Twin Flame, would you be able to not talk about it? How would you talk about it?

See your Twin Flame for everything that they are at the same time if you can.

Is there anything you would like to change about them? Is there anything that makes you uncomfortable? If they would be exactly who they are in your presence, would you still love them? Why would you think someone that imperfect in your view is your Twin Flame?

If you kept your distance from them, how would they react?

Try this as a form of revenge. If you kept your love and attention away from them, would they come begging for you to keep pestering them? Even if they did, why not keep them hanging on a little longer? Feels good to reverse the roles for a change, right?

How about your friends… Have they told you to let go just one too many times?

Would one of your motivations to hang on be about your friends and how many times they’ve told you to let go? Would you hate to hear the “I told you so” or the “atta girl/boy”? Do you feel they are asking you to let go simply because they’re jealous of your love? Are they, truly, or are you just telling yourself that? (The most common lie we tell about others when they say something we don’t want to hear is that they are ‘just jealous’. Parents should stop teaching their kids to tell that lie to themselves and come up with something a little less damaging, really.) Would you think your Twin Flame friends would think you’re a quitter and someone who goes against God‘s wishes and is even endangering the fate of the planet with your inability to reunite with your Twin?

Focus on ONE THING.

What is it?

That was a trick. What did you think about? Was that what made you decide this is a Twin Flame connection. Is it a real sign or just one of those silly ones like “we have the same birthday, surely that makes him my Twin!” (By that logic, you have approximately 20,496,795 Twin Flames in this world.) Was that one thing one moment? One kind word? Was it someone being nice to you for longer than anyone else before?

What one thing bothers you over anything else?

When you think about the potential signs that he or she might not be your Twin, what bothers you the most? What is the most annoying nagging thing you keep pushing back in your mind… Should we actually study it for a moment and see it for what it actually is? What is it that you don’t want to look at? Who is he or she truly in love with?

Do you know what to do?




Modified on February 6, 2017

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