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The last of the love – finally, letting go

If you'll only ever read one post about letting go, make it this one.

The love you feel for any person always belongs to that specific person. THAT specific person. You cannot take love that was generated in you by observing someone specific and give it to someone else – that love belongs to them. It ALWAYS needs to go where it belongs, no matter what.

The same applies to other feelings, whatever emotion someone made you feel, they need to receive that emotion, and you will not be free of them until they have received that emotion you’re holding for them.

If they betray you or leave you, or in any way create a situation after which you no longer want to give them that love, you block the flow of the emotion – but as I said, not until that emotion is free to flow out of you and into them, you will be free of them.

Luckily, this can be a lonesome process they don’t really need to be aware of. A photograph and a box of Kleenex (take it as you wish) will suffice. Just dump that final bit of love you never got to express to their soul and you’ll be free to move on.

The hardest part is to admit that you actually feel anything specific for that person. Feeling betrayed, taken advantage of, in love, lustful, jealous, whatever, it all can be a bit of an ego blow to admit was ever there, but… It’s a surprisingly small amount of emotion that can keep you locked in for lifetimes, so just dump it to them like a coat they left at your place. No biggy.

You will also have to allow people who you’ve hurt or no longer want to have near you, send the last of their love to you, should they be attempting to. I know we tend to stop that love from coming in, because we feel we can’t return it, and we feel awful about the knowledge that this person has been loving us without us loving them back, and you try to block that love from entering you because you know you can’t return it in full. However… The love you generate in others belongs to you, and they don’t need it hanging around in their corners, right?

By the way, a connection that is still alive and well won’t break even though you let the feelings flow into them… Quite the opposite. Never fear loving people who you want to keep around, nor allowing them to love you.


Modified on February 6, 2017

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