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Online self-oriented life coaching primarily for the high geniuses and celebrities. Like most highly intelligent prefer; I allow my clients to pace themselves and ask me for assistance when they need to. I offer a lot of detailed perspectives to all human relationships, creating the foundation of a profound life change or renewal of feeling of autonomy under pressure of the public view or other critics.


If you would realize the level to which we assume we understand how things are and should be when it’s nowhere near reality… We truly do live in Matrix of political correctness, fake-friendships, fake relationships, fake smiles only to gain approval, not love, for those sacrifices. I want to encourage people to rediscover their authentic selves that got lost and pinned down to size somewhere between 12 and whatever age you are now. I want to encourage authentic relationships, authentic sexuality, and authentic lifestyle choices; while making clear that “authentic” is not synonymous to either “organic” nor “boring”, but genuinely exciting and passion driven, that comes from the very bottom of you, not from a hyped up fake energy boost created by some arbitrary morning routine designed for you to avoid thinking what is actually happening around you.


Right here on this blog. You’ll have to join to see the rest.

By whom?

Here is where things get tricky! I am an independent psycho-spiritual researcher. At 18, I had high hopes for myself. I was fuuuuulll of beans and self-confidence. That state continued all the way to 27 when I started doubting myself and knowing anything about what was important to me; love. I did what most women do when the terrifying 30 is approaching; I married the best guy I could find at the time. As awesome as he is, and as much as I loved him, I wasn’t satisfied. His way and my way didn’t really work for me, and I started to feel desperate about the idea of spending the rest of my life… Alive and conscious. It felt like there was really nowhere out of where I was, and I looked into spiritual practices to find a new passion for myself. What I found was NOTHING you’d expect to be linked to spirituality, and I learned that even the word “spiritual” is being linked to stuff that nobody wants to talk about… Well, that’s not news… But… I turned from a monogamist to a polyandrist, I went from a democrat into an anarchist, I changed my views about self-sacrificing into self-actualization, submission to the authority into autonomy, and so forth and so forth. I went as deep as to remember a series of past lives as someone considered so dangerously liberal in her thinking, that I had been born in the worst place in the world for free thinking: Finland, where everything is so reasonable, you never find yourself rebelling, while you’re still held to a certain standard of non-passion. (Whatever you do, don’t feel passionate about it. Even the word is a freaking taboo in there.)

So. All of this happened by my desperate need to rethink things from the ground up. And so I did. I went all the way to the Big Bang and rethought that… (I have yet another alternative suggestion for that…) I created a new evolution theory, and a new birth of Earth theory – all because I needed to understand how I managed to f*** up my love life so bad!

I went from being smart to being a high genius, simply by giving myself the permission to be impolite in my thoughts and to say: “Fuck you, you don’t know anything” to people who claimed to know the truth for certain. I stopped respecting age, gender (women, that is), qualifications, motherhood, or anything else that would give people the right to insist they knew things better than I did, without me having the right to check that is true.

Therefore. Should you sign up, please know that I probably disagree with EVERYTHING  you hold as a personal value and I’m going to explain to you why. You will never have your head spin as much as this.

What’s inside?

I’ve published approximately 17 self-help books worth of text so far (you’ll find it once you join the blog)… and there’s another 4 worth of unpublished text. :D All of this is yours to explore – I’ve tried to make it as easy to find as possible; all of those functions are available for my members.

I will also create your personal page for you, by hand, as I create a profile for you, and help you get started. I will have to figure out  your thinker type first so I can ensure you get the posts that will uplift you rather than make you feel more constricted – but at the same time, I will have to say that those of you who are feeling like you should be taught how to control others will not find much solace here… This blog is about self-liberation and rediscovering autonomy, NOT a guide on how to make others do what you want them to do.


Now, I want to live forever, conscious

And I want you to feel as excited about life as I do… With no expectation you should feel excited about self-sacrifice or be cooing at the promise that God loves everyone… Even a bastard like you. :D



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