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What does the “intensity” mean in a True Spirit Mirror (and Twin Flame) Theory?

The quite natural and authentic intense feelings of love and desire

I have noticed that a lot of non-True Spirit Mirrors who want to attach the label onto their relationship tend to misunderstand this part of the theory. They sometimes feel they have to RAISE the intensity of whatever soulmate relationship type they are involved in, in order to make it into a True Spirit Mirror, or justify hanging onto an antagonist or a Spousal Spirit Mirror because “they fight a lot” or have intense feelings of hate towards each other. But no. The intensity is about the intense sexual chemistry, intense sexual desire, intense feeling of love and admiration towards this person, and an intense need to see the other person happy even it meant they have to sacrifice their own happiness to make that happen. IN ADDITION, a lot of other intense feelings might be there, intense frustration, intense need to tell them to… whatever, because what they are doing is going against their own good, but it is NEVER about an intense need to control the other person, go against their will, or about an intense dislike and need to change who they are. These feelings belong to the antagonist category, and, although they can be super intense, they are the Anti-Twin or the Anti-True Spirit Mirror, the arc enemy, if you will.

An antagonist or a Mirage Chaser can also easily confuse the “you’re going against your own good” feeling because they feel that this person, a Mirage Spirit by definition,  is deliberately doing things that make the chaser unhappy, and they confuse their own needs for the needs of the person they are fixated on. So they are feeling that “you are doing things that make me unhappy (to punish yourself), stop doing it, I want you to do X!” while the Mirage runner is in no way trying to harm the chaser nor themselves, but is only to break the bond. The typical Mirage Chaser believes they own the Mirage, and that the Mirage has to OBEY them, and that everything that they do differently to what the Mirage Chaser wants them to do is done in order to harm them. So. The Antagonist Spirit Mirror or the Mirage Spirit Chaser need this person to stop being themselves and return back into the fold and under the command of the Chaser. THIS IS NOT a True Spirit Mirror (Twin Flame) connection, at all, this is about the need to control someone who you feel somehow dangerous to yourself, someone powerful, and someone who, perhaps, too strongly shows to you what you are lacking or missing out on. (Elite Shop Window Mirror Spirit.)

Although I describe the True Spirit Mirror connection as “all emotions are intensified” it still REQUIRES the love, admiration, and sexual desire to be there at the top of the intense feelings. They are never absent from a  True Spirit Mirror connection. If you find the idea of admiring or loving this person somewhat repulsive, you can rest assured this is not a True Spirit Mirror you are thinking about. Not yours, that is, he or she is someone else’s True Spirit Mirror, just like we all are, but she or he is certainly not yours.

And, having said that, you can try and MASK those feelings about a True or 2nd Tier exact Spirit Mirror if you feel like they are completely out of your reach, by anger and hatred or dissatisfaction of who they are, but you know they are there if you are honest with yourself. If you fear rejection so much you can’t even accept your own feelings, this could be a True Spirit Mirror, but for as long as there’s a lot of negative energy in there, who could tell for sure? The need to mask the true feelings also come about when you don’t want to admit yourself to be the kind of person who would fall in love with the kind of person as you love.

A True Spirit Mirror connection is also always mutual, both partners want to be together as much as the other, despite the fact the other might be behaving HORRIBLY towards the other.  The True Spirit Mirrors have an endless forgiveness for each other, and they will never truly get mad at each other, they simply wish the other would stop hurting them. The Antagonist Spirit Mirror bonds are meant to be broken, the Exact Spirit Mirror connections are forever, although the 1st Tier and 2nd Tier may swap places over time, I believe (forever is a long time). (Mature True Spirit Mirrors are unlikely to swap though… But, as I said, forever is a long time.)

The quickest way to resolving the relationship, of course, be it a True Spirit Mirror or any other kind, is to accept the true feelings for what they are, simply studying what its that you actually feel for this person.


Modified on February 6, 2017

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