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Author Topic: The questions on the registration page  (Read 68 times)

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The questions on the registration page
« on: April 27, 2017, 05:56:28 PM »
There is a barrage of questions that I expect you to answer on the registration page. There is a reason why they're there, and why they are a little bit weird. What is weirder still, is that I'm going to give you answers to those questions in this very topic, some you will be asked, some you won't be asked. This is the entrance exam. The answers are below, but indirectly, so you do have to understand what is being said in order to give a correct answer to each question.

While most questions are yes-no questions, there's a couple this or that questions.

This also functions as an anti-spam system, keeping our forum nice and clean for the most part.

Is the Mirage Spirit a part of the soulmate typology?

The Mirage Spirit is a very popular person, a person with "star quality", someone who attracts A LOT of admirers, and lovers simply by being who they are. They are often famous, but not always, they are 'local heroes' or otherwise desirable people, the main quality to them is that a lot of people will want to be with them... And when the chaser doesn't realize those feelings aren't mutual, we are talking about a Mirage Chaser - a person who is hopelessly in love with someone who doesn't even know they exist... (Or would prefer not to know.)

Are Twin Flames a part of the soulmate typology?

Twin Flames is another theory that speaks about the same phenomenon as some of the Personality Mirror Soulmaete Typology -types. The way Twin Flames are described, they can relate to at least two categories of the soulmate typology, but they are not identical from the theoretical background. Although both theories discuss the same phenomenon, they take two different standpoints to it.

Are Twin Flames and the True Spirit Mirror more or less the same thing?

More or less, but not exactly the same, theoretically speaking. All Twin Flame experiences can be found in the Personality Mirror Soulmate Typology.

Are polygamous relationships taken into account in the soulmate typology?

Some True Spirit Mirrors are polygamous and some are monogamous. The way we all connect in spiritual relationships is related to our soul's natural alignment towards polygamy and monogamy.

Is the Soulmate Typology gay-friendly?

There are instances when the True Spirit Mirrors are of non-standard pairings or groupings. Anything is possible, and it is often the very thing that keeps people apart from their True Spirit Mirror, that they do not dare to hope that true love would be possible between non-standard couples.

Are True Spirit Mirrors always polygamous?

Some forms of true love do not exist in the monogamous heterosexual setting. The way you are, also your True Spirit Mirror is, by the very definition, compatible with your way of thinking.

Is true love reserved for spiritual people only, according to the soulmate typology?

Twin Flames are said to be the reward of lifetimes spent in seeking one's pure soul, and that in the last lifetime, this person is ready to meet their Twin Flame, but in the last life time only. In this sense, Twin Flame love, as in, true profound love, is reserved for spiritual people only. The Personality Mirror Soulmate Typology disagrees.

Are Fluid and Solid thinking patterns relative or absolute?

Although both extremes of the Fluid and Solid thinking patterns feel permanent and absolute, there is much  more variation in the midpoint, making the thinking typing relative to another person rather than the quality of the person themselves. We react to others differently depending on our true pecking order.

Are the soulmate types relative or absolute?

While the Myers-Briggs personality typology speaks of absolute personality types, the Soulmate Typology is not a personality typology but a relationship typology. The classification is always done in relation to another person, not alone.

Is the Twin Flame concept related to the Personality Mirror Soulmate Typology?

The Personality Mirror Soulmate Typology originates from the study of Twin Flames. Once the Twin Flame concept proved to require a bit more work and detail, the Personality Mirror Soulmate Typology was created to fill in the many blanks the Twin Flame concept still had. In order to set a difference between the two theories, a new set of terms was created while the other option would have been to start reframing an already existing and popularized concept of Twin Flames.

Are the True Spirit Mirrors intensely sexual with each other?

The True Spirit Mirror type of a soulmate is the highest possible romantic connection, it is based on a connection relating to all chakra points, and is highly intense and powerful in all areas of life.

Do you understand the theoretical differences between the Twin Flame and the True Spirit Mirror concept?

The point of difference between the Twin Flame connection and the True Spirit Mirror connection are relatively minor but very improtant in practicality. The Twin Flame connection is said to be based on a soul being split into two equal halves, one male, one female, and these halves are now roaming the earth looking to reunite. There are other theoretical differences, but the main one is related to that; The True Spirit Mirror, theoretically speaking, is a highly intense and highly developed soulmate connection, which means that while both/all partners are independent, they are so tightly intertwined through first, their natural similarities and secondly, the time they've spent together, that they are practically inseparable. The Twin Flame connection isn't breakable, theoretically, but the True Spirit Mirror connection is, theoretically breakable. The True Spirit Mirror connection, or any of the other connections in the theory, are based on an idea of split soul. In that sense, Twin Flames do not exist according to the Personality Mirror Soulmate Typology, but that even the heighest of connections are between two separate souls, rather than two halves of one.

What is the Adjusting Spirit Mirror relationship based on?

The Adjusting Spirit Mirror connection is a relatively new soulmate relationship based on partial compatibility and absolute commitment. The difference to Spousal Spirit Mirror connection is that BOTH partners believe 100% that they want to be together no matter what, even though they weren't exactly compatible. In the Spousal Spirit Mirror connection, it is common for one or both partners to be in it out of stubborn insistance of going against their own wish to find a better partner, mostly out of habit or societal expectation, rather than genuine wish to stay together, like the Adjusting Spirit Mirror idea, in which, both partners believe 100% that commitment is the key to all blissful relationships!

Are the Personality Mirror Spirit theories created for manipulation purposes?

The Free Spirit Theories are created in order to improve communication, heal relationships, and to help people discover their authentic personalities.




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