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Initially, I started reading about Twin Flames and then writing about what I've read in the context of my own experiences and what I read about it. However, quickly into it, I found the available information a little... lacking in terms of logic and simple accuracy. It also left a lot of room for misinterpretation and blatant misuse and giving a justification to stalking behaviors even when the person in question wasn't a real Twin Flame.

What I also became more than aware of was how common multiple twin flame situation really was - especially among attractive people, not surprisingly. To avoid confusion with the original theory, I created new terms to redefine the meaning of a Twin Flame and what actually happens in there when we stop kidding ourselves and see the truth in the eye - and that truth is not unpleasant for those who HAVE found their real Twin Flame(s), but it may be very unpleasant for those who have not. 

I wanted to create a theory that would actually help people get back together, rather than just drown my readers into beautiful images and dreams and wishful thinking, while convincing them the Universe will clear all their issues... Which it will, in time... However, taking an active role in the process of self-improvement is going to make a huge difference in the time frame required to go from where you are now to where you want to be - in all areas of life simultaneously, spurred on by the love for your Twin Flame.

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If these concepts feel difficult, here's an example to make it clear:

The Smiths, a family of 5 has received an invitation to celebrate the graduation of Joe Brown, the youngest of the Brown's kids. The Smiths disagree on whether to go or not. The decision is made as follows, if the fami...

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I need to change the world for myself.

I need to bend its rusty joints to fit my needs because I have no intention of ending my reincarnational cycle, and this shit sucks!!

I need the world to rejuvenate itself for me, I need it to thrive.

I need people to feel like...

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You know how your heart often battles your mind when you're trying to make up your mind about something (important)? You're trying to debate things left and right, often battling what you want with what you feel someone else wants out of you, or what someone else tells you to do for "your own good" ...

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1. When you get confused, focus on nobody else but yourself (and potentially the person who you have issues with). Reduce the noise by removing all extra opinions, factors, and ideas out of the picture. Then, think for yourself, do not try to second guess what others want you to think.
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